Co-investing. How Mortgage Mates investors can have social and financial wins in the housing affordability space.

Mortgage Mates has been created to enable the co-ownership of property for both ‘live in’ options similar to co-living, and co-investing, meaning two or more people own the property, but only one part of the syndicate lives in the home and pays rent, or none of the co-owners live in the home and the property is tenanted out.

The benefits to both co-living and co-investing are varied and have been touched upon in previous blog posts. This post is going to focus on how co-investing can not only benefit the investor (much like a traditional investment), but also the community too.

Mortgage Mates is passionate about increasing housing affordability, and we cherish the ability to enable individuals to own their own home, earlier, and at less cost than would have been possible if they hadn’t co-owned with a Mate.

Unfortunately, we know that even if people buy with two, three or four other owners, for some, owning a property at the moment is simply unaffordable, and we want to ensure these individuals can still be supported into affordable housing by Mates and users of our website.