Co-living with a Mate.

The concept of co-living has been around for a number of years, providing often short term, low cost accomodation as a housing option.

Previously known as share houses or houses of multiple occupation, having a resurgence, living together is now existing under the brand of co-living.

‘Coliving is much more than a student flat or a university hall of residence. It’s a new concept of communal living popular with millennials who live and work on their businesses under the same roof. Residents can network and establish synergies to help them with their business projects’. (

Below we share the story of a group of friends in New Zealand who decided to purchase a property together and co-live as a community whilst raising capital and equity.

We see the use of Mortgage Mates as a way to make co-living more permanent, benefiting from the social aspect of living with others with the financial security of owning a home and creating long term wealth.