Co-ownership manual extract.

Mortgage Mates is launching our new co-ownership manual today. If you are interested in learning more, below is an extract of the manual, which you can request full copy of at!



Welcome to Mortgage Mates!

Mortgage Mates is the “tinder” of home ownership, matching you with individuals with the same housing preferences, i.e. location, cost and property type. Mortgage Mates is a revolutionary website for the Australian housing market, assisting you to enter the property market in half the time. It will allow you to choose the security of home ownership over rental properties and share houses.

Using a unique algorithm Mortgage Mates matches you to other like-minded individuals to search for, apply for and purchase housing together. By matching with another user who shares your housing aspirations you can afford to purchase a home to live in, land to build on or an investment property with less financial risks and increased legal protection.

We have created a Co-Ownership Manual to provide you with tips and tricks to help you on your co-ownership journey. While we have endeavoured to provide you the most up to date information, please note this manual is only a guide and proper legal, financial and real estate advice should always be sought prior to making decisions.

Thank you for jumping on board this new and exciting approach to home ownership in Australia!

Jess + Daisy