Earn an income from your home!

Do you live near a station, or bus depot? Are you close to a sports stadium or event location that has limited parking options? If so, you can rent out your driveway or garage on a day, week or monthly basis. With city car parking at a premium- you can make a reasonable additional income by utilising space you don’t need, outside your home! Some carparks raise in addition of $200 a month, which may cover a bill or an account for the house you own. There are multiple website that offer this service, and by signing up to a number of options you can increase the likely hood of monetising this space.

If you don’t think you have the space to rent out a carpark or garage why not rent out the space INSIDE your home! If you have a spare room you aren’t using, or have a shed your don’t need, you can rent it out for people to store their items in there. This means that whilst you are making money from unused space, you aren’t sharing your home with additional individuals like you would with Airbnb. If you want the space back quickly you can always end the advertisement easily when you need to. Again the income you earn varies depending on the space and length of time you lease it. By combining this option with another couple of applications, it could certainly assist you in covering some bills or expenditures within the home.