How does it work?

After deciding you want to own a home (which is a massive decision in itself some times), you may come to realise that traditional home ownership isn’t for you. Perhaps the property market is just out of reach, or your savings amount doesn’t meet the deposit requirements for the house you are interested in.

It may seem like you are limited in your next steps, but this is where Mortgage Mates comes in!

We help you to find another buyer who is in a similar situation to you. They are interested in buying but for one of many reasons are unable to buy on their own. Perhaps they have a partner, but aren’t ready to buy with them yet, or they don’t want to buy with a family member or friend. They know what they are looking for and it matches the same housing choice as you.

By clicking on our website, you will be taken to a landing page which explains your options to either build a new property or buy an existing build.


Buy a property together as an investment, for one mate to live in or to both live in.


Buy a piece of land together and sub-divide to build a number of properties.

Either option can be as an investment opportunity, or a home to live in. Using innovative build and architecture designs it may be possible to create two homes in one, or, you can live in the same home in the same way as a long term house share.

By clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ tab, you will be invited to create a profile, which allows you to share some interesting information about you for potential Mates to read. Perhaps you are a massive Friends fan (who doesn’t want to live with their best friends), or are interested in gardening and want a home with an acreage to maintain.

Once your profile is set up you can search for Mates who have the same housing preferences as you, under the ‘Find Mates’ tab. You can determine the type and size of the property, where you want the property to be and how much you are willing to spend (along with other specifications). Under your ‘Mates Search’ tab you will be able to find other users who have matched against your housing aspirations. The match will also show what percentage you match with your mate, based on the search requirements you put in.

You will be able to contact your potential Mate using a secure email- to learn more about them and whether co-owning a property together is going to work for both of you. You can use the ‘What’s Next’ page to find third parties who can help you and your co-owner on your housing journey. This includes links to Banks and Mortgages, Real Estate websites and Co-ownership agreement legal advisors.

Whilst the next steps taken by you and your co-owner are now decided by you, we suggest only providing personal information (e.g. phone number or address) when you feel comfortable to do so. You may also chose to take some additional steps before buying with your co-owner, such as requesting a police check or overseeing previous financial information. These are all conversations which can take place at a pace you both feel comfortable with and may even form part of your co-ownership agreements.

By following these steps, you will be able to #buyahomeinhalfthetime and we believe in a way that is safer and more secure than buying in traditional methods. Imagine asking a partner to give you a police report before you bought a home, or requesting financial documents from your sister or best friend. It is unlikely you would feel comfortable doing this, but with a new Mate you can feel confident doing so.

Mortgage Mates is extremely excited to support new users to co-own a home together, because we believe every person in Australia should be able to own their own home.