Our ‘year’ in review, and thank you.

As we patiently edge ever closer to 2021 and what is hopefully a happier, healthier year for many of us (whilst keeping all fingers crossed and putting no pressure on 2021 to deliver so we don’t scare it off!) It is the perfect time for us to sit back and reflect on what has been a challenging but exciting year for Mortgage Mates and both its co-founders.

Winding the clock back to the end of June 2019 (so slightly over the year in review), an idea that started as a chat over a pint at the pub between two Mates, came to life. Version one of the website launched and we worked incredibly hard to take the finished product into reality. As a focus point for us, we wanted to start developing relationships with providers that we believed could join us in providing affordable housing to everyday Australians. We spent the first six months meeting with amazing companies in the real estate, finance and legal sectors- pulling together a group of specialist agencies that can provide a unique service to our Mates as they start their home ownership journey.

We have started writing blog posts with a focus on our third parties and why they are on our journey with us. These will continue through 2021 and will hopefully share which of our ‘motivators’ the third party links into and why we have chosen them. More on our motivators later on…

Selling Mortgage Mates as an idea is always an interesting conversation to begin with. ‘So you match people to own a house…’? ‘Isn’t that risky?’ ‘Are you like the Tinder of home ownership?’ But at the end of the conversation Jess and I usually walk away with another ‘Mate’ under our belt- not because we are amazing at sales, but because the benefits of ‘buying with a stranger’ often speak for themselves. As we always say, ‘five years ago, would you have gotten into a car with a stranger? Stayed in a strangers house? Fallen in love with a stranger?’ probably not, but those things are now an every day occurrences and Mortgage Mates is the future of the sharing culture.

We were very lucky that Mortgage Mates was well received across all elements of the housing industry, with write up reviews and news articles by Peak bodies in WA, local community news papers and by Real Estate industry expert magazines. We were also lucky to be selected for a number of pitching events, including Pitch@Palace which saw us trek between Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne to be shortlisted for the final.

As we entered 2020, Jess and I anticipated our growth with live expo’s, increasing monthly users and ultimately Mates buying into home ownership. We were looking at expanding the Mortgage Mates brand into a global setting and running a platform that genuinely impacted affordable housing in Australia and world wild.

Whilst spending the first six months post launch with a focus on third parties was a risky strategy, (as every business knows that the most important people are your customers), we knew it was the right process for us. The importance of providing a quality and genuine experience was paramount, and after all what could be around the corner that would slow down our 2020 vision….