Version 2.0 is coming!

Mortgage Mates launched in 2019 and since then we have be listening closely to what has worked, what hasn’t and where we can improve. We have asked many of you for feedback, have sought feedback through mentors and investors, and we have taken this all on board to be bigger and better! We are therefore excited to announce…

Mortgage Mates version 2.0 will be launching next week!

So what will be new…?

For those paying close attention you may have already seen a few changes popping up over the last couple of months. We have added a subscription function, added some quotes from our users and changed some of the explanations about how Mortgage Mates works.

Yet through talking to many of you, we agreed that the most important part to get right is the match page. So we went back to the drawing board and re-thought this entire page. From next week this page will be much simpler, streamlined and will provide an overall better experience (we hope!). We will continue to seek feedback and would love to hear your thoughts as you navigate through this new experience!

Looking back to where we’ve started, and how far we’ve come…!

So as we go to launch version 2.0 we can’t help but think about how we’ve continued to grow and develop as a business and team over the last few years. To give you a little insight, here is a few of our first website designs draw with an orange highlighter at the pub!

It is safe to say our developers weren’t overly thrilled with these first drawings but from here we learnt about the online tools and programs needed to complete mock-up drawings and began to draw up something our developers could work with. We have learnt so much and while at times it feels like like we are learning how to build a plane, building it, and flying it, all at the same time – we wouldn’t have it any other way…. well maybe some money because hey bootstrapping is hard!

We have come a long way and want to thank you all for your support over the last few years – particularly to our partners (one of which is our developers!) for our endless bugging and talking about MM. We couldn’t have done it with out you!

So as we look to launch our second version we look back on how far we have come from an idea at a pub. Through hard work, passion and a bloody great team we are one step closer to our M shaped infinity pool! So I’ll leave you with this montage of some of the highlights from the last few years… and join us at the launch of 2.0 to cheers to the next few!