Why use a buyers agent?

Since launching Mortgage Mates late last year, we have been working hard with third parties across a number of relevant sectors to create a suite of partners which we believe can add value to the home ownership process for our Mates.

As Jess and I have discussed before, we know asking you to buy a house with a stranger, whether it be to co-live or co-invest, is already challenging enough. Therefore we want to ensure whatever support you need, you can access on our What’s Next page on the platform.

One of our third parties, Elite Buyer Agents from Melbourne recently came on board as a Mortgage Mates third party!

‘Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of buyers. Buyers Agents act on behalf of the Buyer at all times. We aim to ensure you’re as fully informed as possible and that you don’t overpay. Buying a new home or investment property will probably be the biggest financial decision of your life so why not hire a professional.’

We loved the ethos of Elite Buyer Agents because they really do prioritise the needs of the buyer, in what can otherwise be a sellers focused process.

When you traditionally look to buy a home or investment property, you work with the sellers agent to negotiate and agree on terms and conditions to buy that property. As a first time buyer, this can feel challenging, as you don’t have an agent fighting your corner and protecting your needs. This might become even more challenging when you are buying with a Mate, and you want to ensure both your needs are met when locating a home.

This is where Elite Buyers come into their own for our Mates as they will work with you to understand your preferences and challenges, prioritise your needs and then locate the perfect property for both co-owners.